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The Wonder Of It All Foxwoods Tab

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“The Wonder of It All”

Esus(E/D bass)
The Wonder of it all

Take a chance, make it happen

Bm7 E7
Pop the cork, fingers snappin’

Amaj7 Db7+9
Spin the wheel, round and round

F#m7 B7
We go

Amaj7 Db7+9
Life is good, life is sweet

Dmaj7 G7
Grab yourself a front row seat

Amaj7 G7
And let’s meet, and have a 

F#11 F#7

Bm9 E7
Yeah, let’s live, for the wonder
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of it all

(up half step)

Paradise, lucky seven

Cm7 F7
Cut yourself a piece of heaven

A#maj7 D7
You and me, we can have 

G-7 C7
It all

A#maj7 D7
Livin’ large, get on board

Ebmaj7 G#7
This is it, it’s your reward

A#maj7 G#7
Let’s meet, where the trees are

Standin’ tall

Yeah, let’s live (let’s live)

For the wonder...

Db7 F#7 B7
Of it all

Bb Bb
“Meet me at Foxwoods” (Foxwoods)