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From: (Franz Lemmermeyer)
Subject: CRD:Go where you wanna go

    One more from the past:

             Go where you wanna go                  John Phillips 1965
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      (G)       G             C
      You gotta go where you wanna go,
      G            C
      Do what you wanna do
      G        C     G          C
      With whomever you want to do it, babe

       G         D      e          C                              D
      You don't understand that a girl like me can love just one man.
       G              F     e                    D
      Three thousand miles that's how far you'll go
      e                 A7  D7   G e            D
      And you said to me       please  don't follow.


      You've been gone a week and I've tried so hard
      Not to be the crying kind
      Not to be the girl you left behind.

  Franz Lemmermeyer