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Slow Dancing In A Burning Room Tab

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer
Tabbed by Adam Schleman
Tuning: Standard

There are some tabs out there that sound alright... But this is the way that John plays 
or the closest to it that I could get it.
Listen to the song for the rhythm... it's pretty simple to pick up. I can make a 
vid if necessary.

John finger picks using his thumb for most down strokes and his index to strum up in 
song to get that fat dreamy tone...
He uses a strat with scooped mids so you might want to select your neck pickup and crank 
tone knob to the treble side.
Or just rock it out with the neck pickup with the tone knob to the bass side.. that's 
I like to do.. gives it that fat tone.
I tried to mark out all the vibrato but you may want to listen to the song to see where 
to add it in.

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Riff 1


Riff 2


V= Strum up with index finger lightly

It's not complete... The solo is floating around somewhere and that tab is fairly accurate.
He pretty much just plays in the Db Pent Blues scale...