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Not Myself Chords

Not Myself- John Mayer
Tabbed by Robin Young

The tricky thing about this song is that the chords aren’t played directly on the beat, 
it was hard to write them in the right place. Listen to the song & figure it out, you’ll 
on quickly.


Chords (in relation to capo):
A2/C#: X4X200
Bb13: X1X233
C: X32010
C2: X32030 (aka C9)
Csus2: X3X033
C7: X32000
D: XX0232
E2/G#: 4X445X
Em7: 022030
F9: XX3213
G:  3X0003
G2/B: X2X233
G7/B: X2X032

Intro: GG7/BF9C

Verse 1
G               G7/B
    Suppose I said
 F9              C
I     am on my best behavior
G                    G7/B
    And there are times
     F9             Bb13
I lose my worried mind
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     G                Csus2       D     C
Would you want me when I’m not myself?
   G               Csus2          D     C
Wait it out while I am someone else?

Verse 2
G               G7/B
    Suppose I said
   F9               C
Colors change for no good reason
G                    G7/B
    And words will go
      F9          Bb13
From poetry to prose


C       Em7   D   C2
    And I
   Em7   D   C2
In time
            Em7     D   C2
Will come a-round
  G2/B   E2/G#   A2/C#
I al-    ways    do
  C7  G
For you
Ah, ah

CGG7/BF9 (2x)

Verse 3 (my favorite part!)
G               G7/B
   Suppose I said
     F9             Bb13
You’re my saving grace?

Chorus (fade out)