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Comfortable by: John Mayer
 This might not be completely correct, but it seems to be right :) Haven't checked it 
the song yet, hope I can edit. I tried to place the notes exactly where they come it too, 
one of my favorite songs... enjoy! :)

Chords Used: D A G Gm Bm F EM7

Intro: D-A-D-A
D                      A
I just remembered that time at the market
Bm                     A            D        G
Snuck up behind me and jumped on my shopping cart
G   A    D   G      Bm
And rode down Aisle five

D                     A
You looked behind you Smiled back at me
Bm                 A            D   G
And crashed into a rack full of magazines
G    A     Bm G   A  Bm    D
They asked us  If we could leave

G     A                  G          A
Cant remember What went wrong last September
           EM7        A                D   G
Though Im sure youd remind me If you had to
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D    A       Bm       G      D   G 
 Our love was Comfortable And so broken in
  D                            A
I sleep with this new girl Im still getting used to
Bm                                A        D        G
Her friends all approve Say shes gonna be good for me
G    A     D  Bm   G
They throw me High fives
    D                 A
She says the Bible is all that she reads
Bm                 A          D   G
And prefers that I not use profanity
G    A     Bm  G  A  D
Your mouth was  So dirty

G           A             G                 A
Life of the party And she swears that shes artsy
    EM7          A                   D   G
But you could distinguish Miles from Coldtrain

D    A       Bm       G      D   G 
 Our love was Comfortable And so broken in
D      A      Bm  G       D   G       Bm--EM7-G-Gm
 Shes perfect So flawless Or so they say

    D                      A
She thinks I cant see The smile that shes faking
Bm                      A
Poses for pictures That arent being taken

G  A     Bm     G    A     Bm
 I loved you're Grey sweat pants
G   A    Bm G   A  EM7
 No make up  So perfect

D    A        Bm      G      D   G 
 Our love was Comfortable and so broken in
D      A      Bm  G       Bm   EM7 
 Shes perfect So flawless Im not impressed
G  A       D
 I want you back