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Age Of Worry Tab

John Mayer - The Age of Worry

Key of G Major

Gmaj6 - 3x545x
Dmaj  - x5423x
Cmaj  - x32030

note* Simple three chord song, but it's a bit complicated 
      get a hang on the fingerpicking. I tried my best to write 
      it down as simple as possible.
      He uses some variations in the "G" chord. Gmaj6 to Gmaj,
      and ends on Gmaj5 power chord on the last beat.
      If you think that the Dmaj chord is to complicated, you
      could use the Dsus2 but skip the first string (e).
      Feel free to comment and rate.
      Love. Victor.

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     G6       D       C       

                      G        D

     G6       D       C

              D       G