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I Am A Temple Chords

John Mark McMillan
I am a Temple
From "The Song Inside the Sounds of Breaking Down"

C - G - am - F

Verse 1
C             G                           am                F
Deep inside me there's this burning that just won't let me go
C                G                         am                F
You are my fire, You are my righteousness, You are my rock in roll

C - Dm - F - E/F - Dm

Verse 2
C                      G
I wish I could fit you down inside my chest God
  am                            F
I wish that I could swallow you whole
C                      G
I'd wrap you up in a blanket of my skin
              am             F
and you could call my body home

Pre-Chorus x2
C              Dm                F          E/F     Dm
I am a temple, I am a temple, My body is a temple, I , I am a temple

[ Tab from: ]
                    C                          F
So what if I'm not worthy! So what if I'm not worthy!
                   G       am               G
So what if I'm not worthy! You have made me clean


Verse 3
C                    G
I can't get over how quickly you recover
   am                            F
The pieces of my heart as they shatter
C                        G
Cause in your hands I am more than just a brand new man
    am                            F
And all my falling down now, well, it just don't matter

Pre-Chorus x2
Chorus x2

The lead riff throughout the song is picked in these two positions. Listen 
for the changes. 


For the interlude and pre-chorus, start with the C on the 8th fret bar chord
and climb up from there. 

For the E/F, play:


For the rest of the guitar stuff, get creative and just play the mess out of
it. Great song to improv and riff on.

Let me know if you have any input or corrections.