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Holy Ghost Chords

*I'm a little unsure about some of the chords in the chorus, so I especially welcome any 
feedback on that*

Artist: John Mark McMillan
Song: Holy Ghost
Album: Borderland

Verse 1:
Who are we sometimes I wonder
Mercenaries or lovers
G                   Bm
On this side of the thunder
It can be awful hard to know

Verse 2:
Sell our love for the paycheck or
Spend the night on the freight deck
G                     Bm
For all the dues that we collect
Our hearts can be overdrawn
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G           D
Dead in the water
Like lamb to the slaughter
                     A       Em
If the wind doesn't sing her song
And I'm speaking in tongues
G              Bm A  D
Cause I need a Ho-ly Ghost

Verse 3:
The geeks they can smell when you're coming
Even out in the cold
They'll wait you out yeah
They'll grind you down
But they're gonna get what they're owed

Verse 4:
I know the red thread unravels
I know you're blue and you're black
But there's still time if you don't mind
The way that the odds are stacked

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