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Heart Bleeds Chords

John Mark McMillan
Heart Bleeds
From "Economy"
Tabbed by thechadmiller (Twitter)

Once the full album comes out we'll see about any changes or lead guitar

Capo 4
Verse 1
C                Dm           F               C
We could be revelling forever in the love You bring
C                      Dm         F            C
and we could be wasted on You and not count it loss

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Pre Chorus
     Dm                  F               G
Like fools in love we're bound to make a scene

Our hearts bleed for You, oh
Our hearts bleed for You whoa-oh-oh-oh
F                 G                    F    G
Our hearts bleed, our hearts bleed for You

Verse 2
We could burn down the days inside the light of Your face
We could throw the years away and not regret the price we pay

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