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Carbon Ribs Tab

John Mark McMillan
Carbon Ribs
From "The Medicine"

I can't even begin to figure out what James is doing this entire song, but
it's awesome. For the acoustic, here are the chords with the basic tab notes

Intro x2
E - B - A - B 

Verse 1
A Thousand pairs of fiery eyes
Burn like a serpent down the hwy 5
       A                      B           E  
As the long amber tail to Los Angeles unwinds
I've got this resurrection down inside my skin
    B                                       A
But for all my revelating I just cant make sense 
        B              E
Of this gravity we're in

Cause I'm a dead man now with a ghost who lives
Within the confines of these carbon ribs
    A                B           C#m   
And one day when I'm free I will sit
     B              E         B
The cripple at Your table
                     A       B   E
The cripple by Your side

Intro/main riff

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Verse 2
A thousand miles of pain I'm sure
Led you to the threshold of my hearts screen door 
     A             B              E  
To tell me what it is I'm dying for
Gravity comes like a cold cold rain
To lead me to the rope again
        A       B              E
But someone is standing in my place

Chorus x2

   C#m            B 
And I      sit beside You
    A             B 
And I      sit beside You
   C#m            B 
And I      sit beside You
    A             B 
And I      sit beside You

Outro (this isn't on the album but is sometimes played live; the chorus of
the hymn "Nothing but the Blood")

Oh precious is the flow
B                        A
That makes me white as snow
E                C#m
No other fount I know
E               A        B  E
Nothing but the blood of Jesus


To play it in the Capo 4 C position might work better since it makes the
lead "ditty" easier to play. The 4h6 would be 0h2 and the 7-9 would be 3-5.
Just transpose it above by clicking the "down 4 half steps". 

Chad Miller