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One Day At A Time Chords

Song: "One Day (At a Time)"
Album: "Mind Games"

Verse One:

Bm                              C
You are my weakness, you are my strength.

          D                 C            G               
Nothing I have in the world makes better sense,

             F#                  G
'Cause I'm a fish and you're the sea.

Verse Two:

           Bm                        C
When we're together, or when we're apart,

        D                            C           G
There's never a space in between the beat of our hearts.
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               F#                      G
'Cause I'm the apple and you're the tree.


A            B        E   A  B
One day at a time, is all we do.

Ab           C#m      F#m  Ab  C#m    F#m  C#m F#m  C#m      D
One day at a time, is good for you-oo. You-oo. You-oo. 

Verse Three:

You are my woman, I am your man.
Nothing else matters at all, now I understand,
That I'm the door and you're the key.

Verse Four:

Every morning, I wake in your smile.
Feeling your breath on my face, and the love in your eyes,
'Cause you're the honey and I'm the bee.

[repeat chorus]