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From: (victor perez)
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 21:38:21 GMT

                     Dear Yoko
                    John Lennon

 by: Victor C. Perez

 Intro:  A

  A                     E
 Even after all these years,
    D                    E
 I miss you when you're here.
    E                      E    A
 I wish you were here, my dear Yoko.

 (play the same chords as in first verse)
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 Even if it's just a day,
 I miss you when you're away.
 I wish you were here today , dear Yoko.

 G  D     A          G                       D                 A
 Oh,   Yoko,    I'm never,never,never,never,ever gonna let you go.

 Even if it's just one night,
 I miss you and it don't feel right.
 I wish you were here tonight, dear Yoko.

 Even if it's just one hour,
 I wilt just like a faded flower.
 Ain't nothing in the world like our love, dear Yoko.


 Even when I'm miles at sea
 and nowhere is the place to be,
 your spirit's watching over me, dear Yoko.

 Even after all this time,
 I miss you like the sun don't shine.
 Without you, I'm a one track mind , dear Yoko.

 Even when I watch T.V.,
 there's a hole where you're supposed to be.
 There's nobody lying next to me , dear Yoko.