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Save Room Tab

I've added an alternative Intro, based on the keyboard lick, and modified it for guitar:

E --------------------------------------------------|
B -/12-10 --------------/12-10----------------------|
G --------12-11----9-12--------12-11-------9--------|
D --------------12-------------------10-12----------|
A --------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------|


Am, G, Am, G, Am, G, C
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Am	      G
Say that you stay a little
Am            G
Don't say bye bye tonight
Am            G
Say you'll be mine just a little of bit of
love Is worth a moment of your time

Am               G
knocking on your door just a little
Am          G
so cold outside tonight
Am                 G
let's get the fire burning
I know, I keep it burning right

If you stay, won't you stay - stay
*(hit this Bm with some power!)

Am               G
save room for my love
Am               G
save room for a moment to be with me
Am               G
save room for my love save a little
save a little for me
won't you save a little

save a little for me - ohh