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The Last And Chords

The Last And by John K Samson
off "Provinical"

Not sure on the exact name of the chords, but the name and corresponding shapes 
below should be easy enough to figure it out.

CHORDS (from low to high) (always mute the e string)
G 3  C x  A/Em?x  Em 0  D x
  2    3       0     2    x
  0    2       2     2    0
  0    0       0     0    2
  0    0       0     0    3
  x    x       x     x    x

CAPO on 4th FRET

G                       C
   So I'm the first one in again, 
         A/Em?                        G
with the quiet and the window growing snow. 
G                          C                     A/Em?
   When I hear the furnace rouse itself from its slumber, 
somehow suddenly I know, 
      Em                              G           C
as my eye stops on one curled up in my lesson plan, 
         D                G
that I'm just your little "&."
[ Tab from: ]
G                                  C
   When your voice springs from the intercom 
    A/Em?                              G
with announcements and reminders and a prayer, 
G                    C
   I remember how you made me feel 
      A/Em?                          G
I was funny, I was thoughtful, I was rare. 
             Em                                      G      C
But like the jokes about my figure kids think I don't understand,
            D                 G
 I know I'm just your little "&." 

G                 C
   After Christmas holidays 
    A/Em?                       G
you never asked to drive me home again.
G                      C
   And sometimes in the staff room I 
A/Em?                                 G
catch your eye with "why'd it have to end?" 
      Em                             G        C
But I know from how you worry at your wedding band 
         D                 G
that I'm just your little "&." 

For this bit you the piano goes something along the lines of (relative to capo); 
just fool around with it:


G   C   A/Em?   G   G   C   A/Em?    G

       Em                           G      C
At the last conjunction, after every other "and," 
      D                G
I was just your little "&."