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Taps Reversed Chords

TAPS REVERSED - John K. Samson

Tabbed by: Neno

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|G    |Bm    |C    |A    |D

|G    |Bm    |A    |D


G         Bm        C      A                  D
  All the unpaid   bills, wrestling interest rates

      D    C   G/B                   A      D
While past due dates wait with their bouti--neers.
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  And the slumping bike,  strangled with a   lock
that  we   for-got     the      combination to.
  The     old house drinks everything   we  hide
And   hums sad songs that  keep  us  up all night.


Am/C        G/B        D
    With the doorknobs loose 
    and the pipes that burst.
   With the fuses      blown 
    and the taps     reversed.


The calendar requests a meeting to discuss 
the time we waste, when would be good for you?
And the sidewalk cracks spell the way back home
In one uninterrupted palindrome.
The old house keeps all of our receipts
In envelopes secured with rubber bands.


Oh, the blinking snow 
and the dark dispersed
With a smeary moon
With our taps reversed