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Highway 1 East Chords

HIGHWAY 1 EAST - John K. Samson

Tabbed by: Neno

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C#m7b5 = x4545x

    D        A            D
Oh, wait for me, I fell behind 

      D         A         F#m
three signs for services ago,

    Em      D      C#m7b5 Bm
and some sarcastic  satellite 

says I'm not anywhere. 

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      D     A                D
Spent every cent of your goodwill 

   D      A             F#m
on fossil fuels and magazines,

   Em       D        C#m7b5   Bm
so let this field of flax foreclose 

on everything I owe. 

    D          A          D
And scratch Saskatchewan away, 

     D   A          F#m
make Manitoba paper dolls, 

     Em   D         C#m7b5  Bm
lift up a line from Highway One 

to tie Ontario. 

    D        A
Oh, wait for me.