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Missing Pieces Chords

Missing Pieces by John Hiatt from  Beneath This Gruff Exterior
Submitted by Bendave
Reworked from version submitted by Unregistered
G                     C9     G  
I sit all day staring at a leaf.  
 Em                 C           G
I know that my time here is brief.
Am               C/B         D
I'd like to get some details down.  
C                   G
Before I move on to another town.	

G               C9       G  
I met a man he lost both arms.  
Em                   C      G
He got 'em caught up in her charms.
Am                C/B     D                                     
She took the kids and the color TV.  
C                               G
He said, "I wish she'd taken the rest of me." 

G                           C9        G  
This travelin' life well it ain't no good.  
Em                   C     G
I'd quit it honey oh if I could.
Am                    C/B D
A puzzle to me why I even care.  
C                      G
The missing pieces are everywhere.
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G                     C9      G  
He drove to Dixie to hush his mouth.  
Em                          C        G
She started talking like to wore him out.
Am                           C/B  D
They found love beneath the southern stars.  
C                  G
And some bruises and some scars.

G                  C9          G                             
He sees her on that back porch swing.  
Em                        C  G
And I believe he would do any-thing.
Am                     C/B      D
Stand all night in the pourin' rain.  
C                  G
To wash her memory from her brain.


G                   C9        G                             
A false move here, a stumble there.  
Em                     C         G
A box of letters and a lock of hair.
Am                             C/B         D
That's all that's left when I turn out the light.  
C                          G
I count the missing pieces every night.


     C9  C/B   G