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Dust Down A Country Road Chords

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A			    D		A	
Could not get to sleep it was on my wedding night
  F#m		   E		   D		E
I was tangled in the sheets and I was dreaming of a light
D		E	A			D			
Pouring from her window  coming up through the floor
D						E
Lifting up the darkness  crashing through my kitchen door
A			   D		A
Down to that old oak table I went to take a look
	F#m		     E	         D		E
And my whole life passed before me just like a story book
   D		      E	        A		   D
She used to make me breakfast sit around and talk
D					    E
Have anothe cup of coffee maybe take a little walk
     F#m   	E	    A    D
Like Dust down a country road
D					E
Blowing in the wind behind an old truck load
F#m	         E    A  D
up before the roster crowed
D				E	            A
There's an old dog staring at the dust down a county road
A			    D		A	
That truck is going somewhere I just can't be sure
F#m		   E		   D		E
And tomorrow's just a day after all that's gone before
D		      E	        A		        D
I always thought of leaving  I never could stay too long
D					   		 E
Now her memory's catching up and her sweet dreams are all gone


A	           D		A	
If I had a bullet I'd put in this gun
F#m		 	 E	   D		E
And I'd catch that old dog naping and shoot him fore he'd run
D			      E		A	       D			
Cause he ain't much good for nothing cept starring at the dust
D						E
Lord I wonder what he's looking at sneaking up on us