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Stage Chords

Title: Stage
Album: Enclosure
Artist: John Frusciante
This is how I was playing along with it after a little trial and error. The lyrics are unintelligible at
 a few points so any words with question marks are unknown. 

G               D      Em
walk with me, through my fanfare
G               D      Am                     C
and ease your mind,  since you find my baby
stay with me, every night
i'll make you come, to where light is never ever dark
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Eb      Bb     F      C      
for a screen, itll say so
Eb      Bb     F      F
you know my heart, is in my head
koombatoo?... it goes through, you
and cleans the eye of misuse, misuse


stay in tune, with the station
before the ??? , sweet only thing we hang on to
time is the train that never stops
the rhythm you waltz, unrelated without known consequence 
fire engine red, gets into your head
and you seize opportunities to oppose,  with it
constant lies, they will burn you
stroll the avenue, that you stroll, with me confused
Am       Em 
all my life
Bb                      F
 i waited for the sun to rise
Am              Em
all this time, all this time,
Bb F  Cm Gm
waiting for the sun to never change,
waiting for the sun to never change
waiting for the sun to shine
that was you