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Someones Chords

somoene's- john frusciante
from 'to record only water for then days'

so here is another beautiful john frusciante song.
in its regular barre shape chords its pretty difficult,
this way its much easier.

for the cool strumming listen to the song,
not easy strumming, but either way its fun. 

credit to leandro koren who first published the chords,
i just added a capo so its easier. 

capo 3 fret

Intro: EM x4
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EM                    AM
Someone's waiting to fly with me
EM                   AM
Someone's saying goodbye 
               G                  AM
Everytime she says hello cuz they both
G                AM
Connect no one to show
    EM                     AM
But I'm floating down this air stream
EM                    AM
I'm floating and it's every dream
     G               AM
I've ever had and I'm so
G                     AM
Happy and sad cuz they both
C                   D               
Connect me with when I've never been a
Earth body

EM x4

EM             AM
Any house is a frame
EM                  AM
Anything real has a friend
    G                   AM
We talk ourselves out of it
G                   AM            AM                    
Without precounts to hidden not-forgives
EM                          AM
Everywhere I look there's a face
EM                      AM
Everyone deserved has a place
G                AM
Crowding's just a word
G                AM           AM
Everytime draws a light        bright
EM                 AM
Hold and turn me infinite
EM                 AM 
Hold and turn me infinite
G                 AM
Someone's taken me all
G                 AM      AM       EM  
Someone's taken me all,    over out there