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Im Always Chords

chords | strings
Dmaj7    -57675
C#m7     -46454
Bm7      -24232
A6       -02222
D        -5777-
C#m      -46654
Bm       -24432
C        -3555-
G        355433
A        577655

Dmaj7                    C#m7
 only time can show you   through an invisible door
Bm7                     A6
 in the bottom of the o-cean
Dmaj7                    C#m7
 i threw a bird at the sky,  someone told me
Bm7                            A6
 that you'd better close your eyes, and i said-

D          C#m      Bm            C                    G
 don't you wonder sometimes why i paddle through the clouds
      F            A        G         F
in my oversized canoe, but i'm always on your side

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 can you feel it,  my love ....... besides
Bm           A        G    Bm            A       G
 you've been asked to fly,  i thrust you to some lie yea
D                A             G
 it's you see my fish leads to thrive
Bm          A    G
 as long as i'm alive

 aside from the leaves that fall you know
C#m7                  Bm7           ??
 it's been justified,  you gotta take it in...
Dmaj7                                   C#m7
 besides the nightmares that lie before you
                    Bm7          ??
you've always found a reason to stay happy to be alive

D            C                Bm
 if you look closely you'll always find
C             G          F
 signals that make your mind grind
A        G      F
 the ...............

Dmaj7          C#m7
 you'll always  have control of your live
Bm           A              G
 go with the feeling that's right
Bm                    A         G
 you know man all the media may try yea
Bm      A         G      D         A     G
 but my beautiful spirit  is glued to my eye!