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As Can Be Chords

Artist: John Frusciante
Song: As Can Be
Tuning: Standard
Album: Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-shirt

Tabbed by: Jeff DeMatte

-This is only the last 2min of the song-

These are the chords used:
Bm  x24432
G   320033
A   x02220
F#  244322
D   xx0232
Em  022000

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Bm                 G
When you've got a clean smile
A                 F#
You can walk with style
G         A             D  F#
He can be naked with no brain
G         D         Em
In your pussy I'm cumming
           Bm        G        Bm
And I love you and always had to
      G           D      Em  G
Thank God I found you
 G            D            Em     Bm
Beautifull talking well it was to me
G      Bm              G    D
Do you see? Theres no more me
     Em          G
I'm happy as can be