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A Corner Chords

Standard tuning.
He played all over the neck,
but these are the general chord voicings.

Dm C Bb x2

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          Dm             C     Bb 
I mean it I wouldn't go outside
    F         Bb
and walk around
Dm       F             C    Bb
They may fear for your life
    F C   Gm       Bb   
But I reached this conclusion
F               C                  
Everyone's in a corner
Gm            Bb
Face to the wall
F                 C
I never looked the other way
Gm                    Bb
I'm not allowed to at all
F                 C
Great is my confusion
Gm               Bb  F                 C
It never lets me be no one said to be here
Gm                Ebmaj7      F     Ebmaj7
I was punished by me

Dm C Bb x2

Dm                        C   Gm
And there's a weeping fire 
F              Bb
As high as the mountain
Dm            F             C   Bb
And they skip all the way up 
F   C   Gm  Bb
To the top
F                C    Gm  Bb
Great is my confusion
F             C    Gm            Bb
Never lets me down never lets me down
F               C     Gm  Bb
Everyone's in a corner
        F           C     Gm            Ebmaj7
They'll never turn around never turn around
         F      Ebmaj7
The other way

Bb    F        Dm
na na na na na na
F  Dm  C  G
na na  na na