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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 13:18:35 -0500
From: David Goodwin 
Subject: CRD: My Size, by John Entwistle

"My Size"
by John Entwistle
>From the album "Smash Your Head Against The Wall"

transcribed by David Goodwin (chords only transciption)

NOTE: The "break" which I refer to can be performed in a number of ways.
One such place is (listed by string,fret) is 4,7;4,9;3,7;4,9;2,8;3,9.
Also, since the song repeats so much, I'm just outlining the different

INTRO: (in 4/4, D5 gets only one beat, E5 3. Should be easy if you know
the song)
D5, E5, D5, E5, D5, E5, "break"
D5, E5, D5, E5, D5, E5, "break"
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D5   E5        D5    E5
Ever since I first saw you
D5     E5         "break"
I never seemed to get you off my mind
D5    E5        D5    E5
When I tried to say hello
    D5       E5      "break"
You tried to go, I made you stay behind

G          F              C
Now you're always hanging round
You never touch the ground
You make me feel so small
Wish I was ten feet tall

A         F                 D        A
I'm gonna bring you down to my size
Bm                    D              A (improvise a bit on the chord)
One of these days I'm gonna make you fall
A            F                 D     A
I'm going to bring you down to my size.
Bm         E     D      A   E
Smash your head against the wall!

(Guitar solo)

Remaining lyrics (to pattern of first verse)
Remember when I lost my cool
Shouted at you, you nearly hit the ceiling
You tried to make me feel a fool
Ignoring me, you really hurt my feelings.

But now....etc.