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Lonely Is Another State Chords

		                   LONELY IS ANOTHER STATE
		                        JOHN ANDERSON

theres nothing i feel stronger than the need to travel on
never knowing where im going or how long ill be gone
DM                                        F                         G
theres no need makin promises cause promises are something i cant keep
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these highways are old memories ive traveled many times
and theres no destination on the road map in my mind
DM                                      F              G
and somethings always calling me to a place i hope ill find

F                               C
and this old road gets kinda lonesome 
E                             AM
and sometimes i get lonesome too
F                            C
and i know it wont last forever
D                             G
lonely is another state and im just passing through


back when i was younger i tried to settle down
i had a good job in a factory and a house outside of town
but i felt the need to be somewhere id never been before

and if i dont see tomorrow im thankful for today
and all the things ive ever seen while traveling on my way
every change in times and scenery and the friends ive met along the way