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Tell Me Chords

Title: Tell Me

Artist/band: Joey Albert

Source of Chords: Charlie Edsel Valera 

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  C9       G/B       F/A                G9
There are nights when I can't help but cry
E/G#          Am       Am/G     D/F#  Gsus-G
 And I wonder why you have to leave me

 C9 G/B    F/A             G9
Why did it have to end so soon?
E/G#                Am        Am/G   D/F#  Gsus-G/F
 When you said that you would never leave me
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 Em7  Am7  FM7           Em7  Am7
Tell me, where did I go wrong
 FM7              Em7       Am7        D7sus      Gsus-G/F
What did I do to make you change your mind completely?
    Em7   Am7        FM7              Em7  Am7
When I thought this love would never end
    FM7                Em7       Am7
But if this love's not ours to have
     Dm7             Gsus   (interlude)
I'll let it go with your goodbye

Repeat 2nd Stanza
Repeat Chorus except last word