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The Clouds Chords

Capo:4 fret

The clouds have swift today, my love
And the ground is shaking strong.
Iím stuck inside this stormy city
       Em                 F
Where everybody feels so alone.
          Em                    F
And this place does not feel so nice,
         Am                    C/G                     
Itís so dark, you canít even smile.
         F                    F/G
Itís so cold, you canít even cry.

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C/G          Am      Em       F
Oh, love, I think Iím coming back,
This is no place for me,
   Em                 F              F/G
Feels like my heart is turning black.
           Em     Am                        C
I miss my friends, I miss the smell of the sea
              F        F/G  G
And I miss to be near you.

The clouds had come today, my love
The ground is swinging soft
Iím sitting in a crowded train
Iím halfway home.
And as Iím looking through the window now
Iím thinking of you,
If you have saved me in your mind.

Oh, love, so many years have gone
Since I walked on your street
Itís time that we begun.