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Troubadour Acoustic Chords

This is the acoustic live version.

Played in finger picking style with capo on 2nd position.

  D    Em   G    Bm   A7

D                     Em     G                    Bm
It s chilly wind that blows, Church Street in the morning
D                 Em          G            D
It s a hard, hard age resting heavy on my mind
D                Em          G                  Bm
And Hannah cries soft as the front door slowly closes
Em                 Em    G             D
And she is not the only one I ve left behind
Em                  G        D         A7

D           Em       G               Bm
I can still see you dancing in the street light
D           Em              G                     D
Baltimore smile and rain drops dripping from your hair
D                Em          G                  Bm
Once I held you close and you wrapped your legs around
Em                 Em              G                 D
I woke up in the night, it was not you, you were not there
Em                  G              D                 A7

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D                        Em               G               Bm
It s not the end of the world, just this country as I know it
D                    Em                    G              D
I ve been across and back, I ve seen the high and chosen few
D                 Em               G               Bm
I will take the hit, because I m stronger and I know it
Em                          Em            G                D
Take the cap off of the rocket boys and tell me when it s due
Em                           G             D               A7

D                    Em               G                 Bm
I ve known lots of people , lots of drifters, lots of rejects,
D                         Em               G            D
Lots of clowns, lots of lovers, lots of liars, lots of thieves
D                    Em                  G                    Bm
And I have been the cat, I ve been the mouth, I ve been the closer
Em             Em                G                 D
I am like a vault, your family's secret's safe with me
Em              G                 D                 A7

D                    Em                 G               Bm
So forgive me if I drift off in the silent folds of memories
D                         Em                  G                 D
Bout the battles that I fought in war and the ones I ve loved before
D                           Em                  G            Bm
Cause I have lived through darkness, hope and lonely dying kisses
Em                      Em        G             D
And I have seen the memory walk angry out the door.
Em                       G        D              A7

D                          Em                G                  Bm
And I have been left for losers, left for heartache, left for money
D                      Em          G                 D
And I have been left alone, left behind and left for dead
D                      Em                G               Bm
And you can take the pieces there and fight for recognition
Em                    Em              G           D
But I will take the memories and silence in my head
Em                    G               D            A7