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Victims Of Love Chords

I see that there are just a few chords in here and most of them are incorrect and 
are rip-offs from other sites..

      C                    G
Our hearts have been to battle 
      Am                Em
Our souls have been to war 
       F                 C           Dm                G
We've lost the will to carry on, we don't believe no more 
     C              G
Wasn't it we who said 
            Am                  Em
That this could never happen to us 
      F             C        Dm           G7
How wrong could we be cause baby here we are 

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 C          G      Am            Em
Victims of love a broken down affair 
 F                   C
So sad to see the debris 
Dm            G
Scattered everywhere 
C            G       Am            Em
Victims of love, I still cannot believe 
 F                          C
That we're the victims of love 
G - G7              C
That we cannot retrieve 

VERSE has the same chord progression it is not that hard

Repeat Refrain 

 Am                  G
Maybe we played it a bit too sure 
F                               C
And everything was hearts and roses 
Am                          G
But fate stepped in and closed the door 
And we were just left standing 
And we realized the ending 
Was so near... 

Where do we go from here... 

Message me if you think there are some incorrect chords in there..