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Victims Of Love Chords

Victims of Love by Joe Lamont

Tabbed by: KiNgk0y...

  i dedicate this song to my love... aq b.. hehehe

Standard Tuning

C			     G
Our hearts have been to battle 
       Am		   Em	
Our souls have been to war 
          F		C	         Dm		G	
We've lost the will to carry on , we don't believe no more 
       C			      G			
Oh why is it that we got it set 
		 Am		    Em     	
That this could never happen to us 
   F        C        Dm		    G
How could it be, 'cause baby here we are 
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C	      G	       Am	       Em
Victims of love are broken down unfair 
      F		   C		
So sad to see the debris 
  Dm		     G
Scattered everywhere 
C	      G	   Am		Em 
Victims of love, still cannot believe 
   F			C
We're the victims of love 
  Dm          G  	C
We cannot retreat 

It used to be so easy , it used to be so good 
We had an understanding that got misunderstood 
I thought we are survivors and we'll never go down 
But now were just outsiders as our love 
Comes stumbling down 


Bridge : 

Maybe we played it a little bit to sure 
And everything is hearts and roses 
Now fate stand still and closed the door 
And we were just left standing 
Till we realized the ending 
Why so near ... 
Where do we go from here ...