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Girl Riding Shotgun Chords

This sounds right to me.  My first tab though.  
Any help would be appreciated.  You can leave the 
Em out of the chorus if you want or add it to the 
verse.  I just do what feels right. 

This one is for Courtney :)

C     G               D
Whoa, she's a hot one... 
       C            G
It's a hot day, and I got a pocket fulla money 
Friday tires roaring you can hear me coming 
C                  G
cooler in the back bud light ice cold 
me and my buddies cutting down an old back road 
C                 G
I got a jacked up truck but it aint much 
a fixer upper with a brand new clutch, yeah 
C                      G
it takes me anywhere I wanna go even though 
it's hard to keep my eyes on the road. 
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C               G
With that girl, ridin in a shotgun 
D                  Em    D
sun kissed by that Dixie hot sun 
C       G               D
whoaaaa she's a hot one yeah, yeah.. 
C          G                D                Em            D
Aldean all up on the radio, dashboard lights shining on by baby oh 
C              G                    D
later on gonna have me a little fun, with that girl ridin shotgun

C,G,D x2 

She's the girl of my dreams she gives me everything 
wearin short shorts or some tight blue jeans 
she's country, and she aint afraid to break a nail raise hell or go to jail 
I keep her by my side, she's always ready to ride 
and sometimes she even drives when it's in 4 wheel drive 
never known to back down from anything 
and you know she keeps her motor clean, yeah 


She could be the centerfold of field and stream 
holding that double barrel 12 gauge 
to me aint nothin sweeter Jawga peach 
plain air guitar to a song I sing, song I sing, song I sing 

talkin bout that pretty little redneck girl ridin shotgun 
sun kissed by the Georgia hot son 
whoaaa she's a hot one, yeah yeah