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No One Else Comes Close Tab

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No One Else Comes Close - Joe
       - transcribed by James Tabor

This song is dedicated to Trizha Erika Camerino!!! I transcribed this song 
because you said that it was your favorite!!! You are the beauty of this song for me!!!
…I love You!!!


Chords Used on No One Else Comes Close (plucked chords; not strummed)

Cadd9			A7sus4 			F 
e-----|-----|--0--|	e-----|-----|--0--|	e--0--|-----|-----|
b-----|-----|--0--|	b-----|-----|--0--|	b--0--|-----|-----|
g-----|-----|-----|	g-----|--0--|-----|	g-----|--0--|-----|
D-----|--0--|-----|	D-----|--0--|-----|	D-----|-----|--0--|
A-----|-----|--0--|	A-----|-----|-----|	A-----|-----|--0--|
E--X--|-----|-----|	E--X--|-----|-----|	E--0--|-----|-----|

G 			E			C
e-----|-----|--0--|	e-----|-----|-----|	e--X--|-----|-----|
b-----|-----|-----|	b-----|-----|-----|	b--0--|-----|-----|
g-----|-----|-----|	g--0--|-----|-----|	g-----|-----|-----|
D-----|-----|-----|	D-----|--0--|-----|	D-----|--0--|-----|
A-----|--0--|-----|	A-----|--0--|-----|	A-----|-----|--0--|
E-----|-----|--0--|	E-----|-----|-----|	E--X--|-----|-----|

B			Am
e--X--|-----|-----|	e--X--|-----|-----|
b-----|-----|-----|	b--0--|-----|-----|
g-----|-----|-----|	g-----|--0--|-----|
D-----|-----|-----|	D-----|--0--|-----|
A-----|--0--|-----|	A-----|-----|-----|
E--X--|-----|-----|	E--X--|-----|-----|

Per Chorus Chords
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AmG#	Ab (on 4th fret)	AmG 			AmF#
e--X--|-----|-----|-----|	e--X--|-----|-----|	e--X--|-----|-----|
b--0--|-----|-----|-----|	b--0--|-----|-----|	b--0--|-----|-----|
g-----|--0--|-----|-----|	g-----|--0--|-----|	g-----|--0--|-----|
D-----|--0--|-----|-----|	D-----|--0--|-----|	D-----|--0--|-----|
A--X--|-----|-----|-----|	A--X--|-----|-----|	A-----|-----|-----|
E-----|-----|-----|--0--|	E-----|-----|--0--|	E-----|--0--|-----|

Cadd9 A7sus4 F G
Cadd9 A7sus4 F G

     Cadd7	     A7sus4	F	    G		
When we turn out the lights the two of us a-lone together
Cadd7		     A7sus4    F		  E
Something's just not right but girl you know that I would never

Am	   AmG#		      AmG	       AmF#	
ever let a-nother one's touch come between the two of us
      F			AmF#   	       G    C G  
Cause no one else would ever take your place 

		  F 	   G	   	       C	B	Am
No one else comes close to you no one makes me feel the way you do
G		F	G	     	     C	  B       Am
Your so special girl to me and you'll always be e-ter-nal-ly 
G	    F	     G			     C       B	     Am		
Everytime I hold you near you always say the words I love to hear
G		 F		  G
Girl with just a touch you can do so much no one else come close

Cadd9 A7sus4 F G
Cadd9 A7sus4 F G

Verse 2:
     Cadd7	A7sus4 F		  G		
And when I wake to the touch of your head on my shoulder
Cadd7		   A7sus4 F		     E
Your my dream come true o girl you know I'll always treasure

Am	       AmG#        AmG	            AmF#	
every kiss and every day I love you girl in every way
F	     AmF#   	        G         C G  
and I always will cause it's my (right???)

Repeat Chorus