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I Wanna Know Chords

I Wanna Know by Joe
Tabbed By RiCEmann

Verse 1:

Ebm              C#                B  F#
its amazing how u knock me of my feet ohhh
Ebm              C#               B       F#
everytime  u come around me i get weak
Ebm             C#                B       F#
aint nobody ever made me feel this way
Ebm             C#                       B       F#   
u kiss my lips and then u take my breath away
so i wanna know

(Ebm)   C#                  B  (Bm)
i wanna know what turns u on
so i can be all that and more
id like to know what makes u cry 
       Abm7                     B
so i can be the one who makes u smile
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verse 2
Ebm                  C#                B     F#
girl he never understood what u were worth
and he never took the time to make it work
baby im the type of to show concern
anyway that i can pls you let me learn
so i wanna know

repeat chorus

bridge x2
      (Ebm)                C#                  
tell me what i got to do to pls u
     B                  Bm
baby anything u say ill do
        Ebm               C#
cause i only wanna make u happy
        B                      Bm
from the bottom of my heart its true

verse 3
Ebm                        C#                       B     F#
i wish that i could take a journey through your mind
and find emotions u always try to hide babe
i do believe that theres a love u wanna share
ill take good care of u lady have no fear
so i wanna know


bridge x2

chorus fade 

Tabbed by::: RiCEmann aka GBjvC