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En Gallop Chords

En Gallop - Joanna Newsom - Chords

This is a beautiful and poetic song. It is easy to play.

Bb refers to B flat (A sharp)

Advice for using a capo:
You could play this song with a capo at the 1st fret if you find barring difficult. If
you do this you should play all the Fs how you would play an E and all the Bbs how you
would play an A. You should play the C how you would play a B7 or normal B.

Intro consists of Bbs and Fs

Bb				F
This place is damp and ghostly, I am already gone,

Bb					F			Bb
And the halls were lined with the disembodied and dustly wings,

Which fall from flesh gasplessy,
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Bb				   F			   Bb
And I go where the trees go, and I walk from an higher education,

For now and for hire,

And it beats me but I do not know,

And it beats me but I do not know,

And it beats me but I do not know, I do not know,

		F		Bb				F
Palaces and storm clouds the rough, straggly sage, and the smoke,

	Bb				F
And the way it will all come together (in quietness, in time),

And you laws of property you free economy

F				    C
You unending afterthoughts, you could've told me before,

Never get so attached to a poem you forget truth it lacks lyricism,

Never draw so close to the heat that you forget that you must eat

Outro consists of Bbs and Fs