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Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 20:35:51 -0400
From: Greg Noblet 
Subject: j/jett_joan/bad_reputation.crd


Song:       Bad Reputation
By:         Joan Jett
Album:      Fit to be Tied (a compilation)
Tabbed by:  Greg Noblet


This is a cool, easy song that is also the theme to the "Freaks and Geeks"
TV show.  I saw it once and it was actually pretty funny.  It's probably
cancelled now.
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All power chords, with distortion.  Gabba gabba hey.  


Here's the music...


--C#/D----------|---------------|-C#/D----------|---------------| x2


  I don't give a damn...

  You're livin' in the past...

  You're gonna do what...

  So why should I care...

--D-------G-----|-A--------D----|-D-------G-----|-A--------D----| **
  Oh no                           Not me

** This line is repeated 1x in first verse; 3x in final verse;
   and 2x in all other verses


Here's the song structure...

  Verse 1
  Verse 2
  --jump up full step--
  Verse 3
  Intrumental verse w/"solo"
  Verse 4
  Verse 5


Rock and roll!