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Tonight Chords

D              Bm
Love, you are lovely 
         G                A
You have put the stars to shame
D              Bm          G                 A
I have lost my senses, and you're the one to blame
G              A          D              E
Bluer than the sky above, closer than my skin
G           A    D
Tonight our life begins
D           Bm
Now we are dancing 
   G                  A
We spin like falling leaves
D               Bm
Hold me tighter darling
  G             A 
I never want to leave
G           A                    D                E    
As we move across the floor it's starting to sink in
G           A    D
Tonight our life begins
D            Bm
You are mine beloved
    G             A 
And I am yours to keep
D             Bm
Take my heart forever
G                 A
You have captured me
G              A        D                 E
God is singing over us, we hear it in the wind
G           A    D
Tonight our life begins 

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