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Gotta Know Chords

Capo on 4

G                                 C
Hey there little flower, how do you grow
Does the sun light your power,
I gotta know
G                               D        C                 G
I gotta know more, know more than you

G                         C
Hello little star, I spied on you
They say you’re a million miles away
Tell me is that true, cause…
             G                   D        C                 G
I gotta know more, know more than you
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Am                                     C
I went to the circus and I saw this bear
Am                                    C
He was riding a bicycle trying to be human
Am                                        C
We all laughed cause we knew he couldn’t do it
Am                                           D                                                  C
We ask the questions then make all our own answers up

G                   C
Hello Lord, I got your number now
G                               C
It took me a while but I figured you out

And now
   G                   D        C                G
I know more, know more than you
Now I know more,
I know more than any god in the hell or heavens knows
I know more than anybody could ever know
I know more, more is the science of this world
G                                   C
I finally understand, it cant be understood
G                                         C
I finally understand the good Lord can’t be understood