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The Middle Acoustic Chords

band:  jimmy eat world
album:  bleed american
song:  middle
tabbed by:  tyler parkinson 

***here you go peeps.  this is a sweet song.  if you dont have this
album, or "clarity" for that matter, go get them!  short but sweet, the
chords are simple, and the melody/lyrics rule.  word.

opening is muted power chords (listen for rhythm) 
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jimmy_eat_world/the_middle_acoustic_crd.html ]
   D          A          G          D
557775     577655     355433    557775

same chords for the verse, and actually, with some distortion, the 
chorus as well.

the bridge, where the solo comes in, is::

    A             D
  577655       557775

and it just alternates A D A D A D.  not sure how many times, just
listen to it.

quality tune, jimmy eat world is a thinking man's blink182.  plus,
they're from arizona, cant lose there.  gotta say what's up to the
peanut, biggus, coy dawg, fatty, and hasmine.