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Half Right Chords

Jimmy Eat World
Stay On My Side Tonight EP
Half Right (Heatmiser cover)
Tabbed by : Eamon Keegan

Eb Tuning

Intro & Verse/Chorus
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jimmy_eat_world/half_right_crd.html ]
     A              F#m            B7             D
eb|----0--     -----0---0---    ---0---0-    ---0---0-
Bb|-2-----     -------2-----    -----4---    -----3---
Gb|------- x10 ------------- x4 --------- x4 --------- x4 
Db|-------     --4----------    ---------    -0-------
Ab|-------     -------------    -2-------    ---------
Eb|-------     -------------    ---------    ---------

Bridge: D F#m B7 D

Just repeat the Intro chords throughout the whole song (except the bridge) and that's
pretty much it. There's some other guitar lines in there that I haven't bothered tabbing
out, but hey it's my first tab so :p Love this song btw