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Cautioners Acoustic Tab

A great song off of a great album.  This tab, although not indicative of how the song
is truly played, sounds good on acoustic if you're playing with one guitar.  The open
chords add a lot of fullness to the song.  The strumming isn't mapped out but it is
fairly easy to pick up.

     A        Fm#
e ---0--------0-----|
B ---0--------0-----|
G ---2--------2-----|
D ---2--------4-----|
A ---0--------4-----|
E ---x--------x-----|

Chorus: "You'll change your mind come monday..."
     D        E        Fm#
e ---0--------0--------0----|
B ---3--------0--------0----|
G ---2--------1--------2----|
D ---0--------2--------4----|
A ---x--------2--------4----|
E ---x--------0--------x----|
"Take your steps away with hesitance..."
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jimmy_eat_world/cautioners_acoustic_tab.html ]
     D        E      Fm#    E    D
e ---0--------0--------0----0----0----|
B ---3--------0--------0----0----3----|
G ---2--------1--------2----1----2----|
D ---0--------2--------4----2----0----|
A ---x--------2--------4----2----x----|
E ---x--------0--------x----0----x----|

"Take your steps away from me"

     D        E        A
e ---0--------0--------0----|
B ---3--------0--------0----|
G ---2--------1--------2----|
D ---0--------2--------2----|
A ---x--------2--------0----|
E ---x--------0--------x----|

Bridge: "Ahh..."

     A        E       Fm#       A
e ---0--------0--------0--------0----|
B ---0--------0--------0--------0----|
G ---2--------1--------2--------2----|
D ---2--------2--------4--------2----|
A ---0--------2--------4--------0----|
E ---x--------0--------x--------x----|

Thats it for this song.  It's pretty self explanatory.  Comments welcome