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Stepping Stone Tab

I’m a man
At least I’m tryin’ to be
I’ve lived before
The other half of me
I’ve lived before
That you don’t want me
But I ain’t gonna search
For nothing desperately

Oh, I’m tryin’ tryin’
Not to be a fool
I’m tryin’ tryin’
Lord to keep my cool, baby
tryin’ so hard to keep it together

After I find, baby
That true love of mine

I’m just rollin’ screamin’ cryin’
Flyin’ can’t be trusted, but busted
Rolling Stone
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You’re a woman
At least you say you are
You’re a woman
At least you look like you are
You’re a woman
At least you taste like you are
But you can take it off
In bed with my guitar
And then you leave them
Throw me outside
To cry, cry
To the moon and the nighttime
Save my soul,
You can’t find
All you want is a ticket to ride
After you show me everything
It did prove otherwise
You just rollin’, screamin’, cryin’
good love sometimes,
just can’t be trusted
Steppin’ Stone
Steppin’ Stone
Steppin’ Stone



E --0-4----------------------|
A ------0-1-2---2-----2-1-0--|
D ------------0---2-0--------|
G ---------------------------|
B ---------------------------|
E ---------------------------|


E ---------------------------|
A --0-4----------------------|
D ------0-1-2---2-----2-1-0--|
G ------------0---2-0--------|
B ---------------------------|
e ---------------------------|

(Just eh, repeat the two riffs accordingly for the rest of the song.)

the end part with the breakdown is like:

e --15-15-15-15-15-15-11-13-/-15--

and then beyond that it becomes incomprehensible.