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Going Down That Lonely Road Chords

Jim Stärk - Going down that lonely road
At the places marked in the song by a *, I
am not quite sure or may think a chord is 
missing. Please do not hesitate to correct
me as I wish to make this song sound as it 
is suposed to. In fact I order you to
correct me.

By the way... you may hear when you play the
song along while you're plaing that it is
supposed to be played in D? 
(could this be right?)

Anyway, found it easyer to play in C.

Bofjas | Bofjas@hotmail.com
"The Car was a steal WINK WINK"

INTRO: C    F     G    C
       C    D     F*   F/G*

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C              Am
Slowly growing older 
         F       G      Am    D
and I?ve said it all before 
            Dm              G        C
but I could need someone to talk to 
The sun still rises, 
    F              G               Am      D
but things are not quite like they seem 
I can't control myself 
  G             *
awake or in my dream 


      Am         G      F  
Going down that lonely road 
  C/E        Dm   G     C
I wish I was    going home 
        Am    G   F
I would do it all again 
   C/E          Dm    G    C
if I just could    be someone 
     C         C/E       Am
It's been like this for ages 
       F      G         Am
Cannot hear a word they say 
F           Am     C
Crying on a sunny day 


I could need a shelter 
a place where I can hide 
a bad wind is blowing 
and I?m getting colder 

There's no one on my doorstep 
and no one asks for more 
I?ll walk alone 
like many times before 


Ending: C    F    G    C
        C    D    F    F/G  (End on) C