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Song: I Missed Me
Artist: Jim Reeves

Verse 1:
Last night was the worst night
of my life no doubt

'cause while I stayed at home
someone else took you out
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I cried 'cause I love you
     A7        D
with all of my might.
And I missed me, how I missed me
at your house last night

I missed holding hands,
walking out on your lawn
I missed the sweet kiss
         A           E7
that was mine for so long
Were you happy with new arms
         D            A
wrapped around you so tight
        D               A
Did you miss me, like I missed me
   E7              A
at your house last night

Verse 2:
Did the neighbors say they noticed
anything strange, like a diff'rent car
parked in your drive for a change
Did they watch as he kissed you
beneath the porch light
did they miss me like I missed me
at your house last night