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Dont Go Chords

 This is my first tab so if anything is wrong comment or tell me @FMWhiskers. 
I figured this out from a youtube video of a live performance. It's linked at
the bottom of the tab.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jim_and_the_povolos/dont_go_crd_ver_2.html ]
D* is the C chord but up 2 frets. Just D is the barre chord on the fifth fret.
Cadd9 is played with only the 3 lowest strings. i don't know the chords name.
Am/D might be Am7.
The pre-chorus has two different parts with different chords. Watch the video to 
get the rhythm and stuff; it helps a lot.
E* is two frets up from D*. Just E is the open chord.

Chorus: G Bm7 C D*

Verse: G Bm7 C D*

Pre-Chorus Part 1: C Bm7 Am/D Cadd9 D*
Pre-Chorus Part 2: C Bm7 A D
Chorus: Same as before
Verse: Same as before
Pre-Chorus Part 1: Same as before

Pre-Chorus Part 2: C Bm7 D* E*

Final Chorus- A C#m D E

Then end on A