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Youve Got Me Chords

I saw there were hardly any Jillian Edwards tabs out there, 
so I just figured this one out by ear - 
she fingerpicks almost the entire thing, 
but these chords sound pretty good to base the fingerpicking on! 
Hope it's helpful.

Basically the entire song is: [D, G, A; Bm, G, A]

Verse 1: 
D                G                        A
All the pieces I know that make you whole 
Bm      G                        A
Have a way of cutting me in half 
D                 G                         A
Thought I had a handle, some kind of control 
Bm        G                          A
But now I know I'm not getting it back 

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jillian_edwards/youve_got_me_crd.html ]
D         Bm       G        A                     
Heart and soul and all of that 
You've got me
D       Bm      G   A 
Tangled up and untied 
You've got me 

Verse 2:
D                       G
All the things that you do, 
Things that you don't know about me 
Bm                     G             A
Like everything that I feel when you smile 
D                G                A
And whenever you do makes me want to 
Just freeze time around me 
Bm         G              A
And stay forever in that while 


D         Bm     G           A
So caught up in your whole world around me 
D       Bm       G      A
I'd be fine to stay, never want to leave 

(Chorus x2)