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Lucy At The Gym Chords

Fmaj7   C/E   Dm7   C/E
Lucy at the gym 

She's there every time I go

And I don't go that often, 
so she must live at the gym

Fmaj7            C/E   Dm7   C/E
I stare at her ribs, 
they show through the spandex

Her little legs are working, 
she's going somewhere

Em                     Am
She's climbing up the stairs
Em                     Am                          F

And when she reaches the top, her dreams will be there

Fmaj7   C/E   Dm7   C/E
Lucy at the gym

Lucy on the scale for the third time
Through thick and thin, 
Lucy's at the gym

Em                     Am
She's staring at the clock
Em                             Am                        F

And like the second hand she never stops

F             G          Am
She's Lucy at the gym
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F                                      Dm
When she takes a shower, after all the hours
C                                 Am

Does she have a place to go?
Dm                           [ch]Dm/C#[/ch]               G

Is there someone waiting or is Lucy all alone?

Fmaj7   C/E   Dm7   C/E
I'm at the gym 
and Lucy's not there

It's got me pretty worried 
so I imagine the worst

            Em                     Am
She's made it up to heaven
         Em                      Am
And when she met her maker
     G                         F

He said, "Come right in, 

        Fmaj7                C/E      Dm7   C/E
I'll show you around the gym

Everyone's beautiful and thin

And here there's no sin and your life can begin, Lucy at the gym"

Fmaj7         C/E      Dm7   C/E
                                         Keep on, Lucy

Keep on working girl