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Hard Line Chords

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For the picking rhythm for this song do a constant bassnote then chord repetition. There 
be 8 bassnote-fullchord reps in this line: "Today I took my love away."

Verse 1:
Today I took my love away
D			Bm
I swear I thought I heard
My own heart whispering
D			Bm
its dying words
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Cause it's a hard line that you would take
E			F#m
Take a lifetime to make it
Don't do it for mine, but for your own sake
D			Bm
If you choose to take it

Verse 2:

Today I let our love die
I stood by it til its last sigh
Then disappeared from the scene of the crime
Locked away and served my time


A E F#m D  (x2)

A			E
Cause in a great divide
F#m			D
Where a line is drawn
A			E
Oh you must decide
F#m			D
which half you're standing on

Verse 3 (fingerpicked):
Today I met a new love
How could I be sure
Whether it was ever true love
That I had known before