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Happy Psychopath Tab

Written by Jeremy Randall

D   x57755
B   x24422
B#  x35533
G    355433
F     133211
Em  022000

Main riff of verses
--7-----       times  2  every block of four in verses

I need help from
 all the people
who brought me into
the state I’m in

cause I don’t like
eating chickens
and I don’t like
being pink

B	              G 	       F          Em
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cause what you’ve done is made me crazy

all I need is
all the people
to get me back in
the state I was

but they think
I am crazy
so they stay
away from me

cause what youve done is made me crazy

b b#  bar chord d
I don’t like being crazy
I don’t like being the fool
I don’t like being crazy
cause being crazy makes you crazy

now I’m in a
padded white room
people say I’m
normal now

and they say it
in nice voices
they look like they are
scared of me now