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A Love Song Dont Change Chords

Lyrics: Peter Randall

Music and colaboration: Jeremy Randall

A love song (Don't change)


Em 022000
C    032010
G 320033 or 320003
weird chord 220000 or 2244xx
D  x00232
B  x24422
C # I think   x46644

pick top four strings of
Em			C
Please don't change who you are, 
G			Weird chord
I love you just the way you are. 


I love the crud between your teeth, 
I love the odour of your feet, 
I love the fact that you can't fit, 
Weird chord
Inside my house, the yard's well lit. 

etc except strumming all

Please don't change, I love you now. 
You're perfect, with your mono brow. 
[ Tab from: ]
I love your size, I love your eyes. 
I love how you have lumpy thighs. 
I admire you, you're always fair, 
Along with all your armpit hair. 

I love the way you pick your nose, 
C sharp I think
Your good upbringing really shows. 
Em				C
Most would think it rather rude, 
D				G
To mix your snot in with your food. 

But I love you the way you are, 
Even though you drive half a car. 

You dress as if you lack a house, 
You hair would not attract a louse. 
You are so pretty, and so refined, 
If I changed you, I would be unkind. 

Stay the same, always the same. 
Stay the same always the same. 
Spend less time with the mirror, 
And more time with me. 
I don't need you to scupt your face. 
I would prefer we just embraced. 

Voiced or make up own
n all the time wasted on appearance, nothing was ever changed for the better. 
The end.