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Yes U Can (0304)~Jewel
I like the techno parts in this song.. but surprisingly it sounds okay acoustic.   ;-)

Am=x02210          Dm7=xx0211
C=x32010           E(add4)=002100
D5=x577xx          F2=xx3210
G/B=x20003         Fsus2=xx3011
G=320003           Dm=xx0231
E=022100           F6=xx3231
F=133211 or xx3211 E7/G#=4x0430

Intro: Am-C-D5--G/B (repeat 3 times)
Make your way through mirrored halls
See the boys with all their dolls
A pretty maze, like candied streets
U feel a thrill when your eyes meet
U pick the one with the feathered hair
But I'm the one that makes the boys stare
And there's a room, or so I'm told
Where the DJ rocks and we don't grow old
F                          G
Would u like 2 take a ride?
Dm7                    E
All u have 2 do is come inside
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Am      F        C               E
Say hello 2 the room where the party's jumpin' 
Am         F         C            E
Where the boys all freak 'cause boots are bumpin'
Am          F          C           E
Where the girls are naughty and always saying
Am      F          C          E  
"Yes u can, yes u can, yes u can"

U got on your money rags
And Papa's got a brand new bag
And Mama's got her hot pants on
While in the back, the beat goes on
Would u like 2 come along?
Then shut up and sing this song


The boys are pale
The girls are soft as nails
The band strikes up and it starts 2 wail
There's a price on everything
It's not cheap 2 buy your dreams
Fsus2                     G---Dm
Would you like to come along
           F6              E7/G#
Then shut up and sing this song


The bridge is kinda tricky because of the wierd chords, but after awhile it gets easier.